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The Team

Flynn Devine

Flynn has experience across a myriad of organisations working in varying areas including Refugees in the UK, Public and Private service delivery and Deliberative Democracy.

He is part of the core team developing a Global Citizens' Assembly, working with the support of the UN, UK government and a range of other organisations, designed to influence international climate policy.


Flynn also works on a consultancy basis with a Think Tank, working with organisations and local and national government to implement systems change surrounding service delivery.


He has an undergraduate degree in International Relations with Arabic and a passion for international affairs.

Callum Farmer​


Callum is currently working as a paralegal for the world's first renewable energy company. Part of his role also sees him working with a league 2 football club, touted by the United Nations as the world's greenest football club.

While he predominantly works on private law litigation matters his job has also seen him involved with a variety of public law issues, including judicial review proceedings.

Callum is completing his undergraduate degree in Law (LLB) and is specialising in public and human rights law. 

Callum Fulker

Callum is currently in his final year as an undergraduate, studying Law with Politics (LLB). Whilst mostly specialising in Public International Law he has, and is currently, studying multiple areas of law.

His interests lie within Public International Law and International Human Rights Law, but more broadly takes an interest in the innately political nature of the international legal system. He is intending to study these areas further at a post-graduate level.

Outside of academia, Callum volunteers as an advisor for the Citizens Advice Bureau and has a keen interest in British politics.

Alex Bowers

Following an undergraduate Degree in International Relations, Alex is currently completing a Masters in Corruption and Governance at The Centre for the Study of Corruption.


His current areas of research cover anti-corruption policy in Public Procurement and  natural resource dependent states. Fundamentally Alex is concerned with the structural and historical roots of political phenomena, including corruption. 


After completing his MA he hopes to channel this interest within policy development.

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